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Invest in highly-vetted deals
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About BHM Capital Crowd

We believe that through our platform we can disrupt the old ways of investing and allow more individuals to take part in shaping the future of developing startups.

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Why investing with us

Trusted platform

We’ve been in the market for over a decade and always showed high performance.

Expert team

Our team has decades of experience in due diligence, capital raising and investing.

Fundraisers' Process

How it works

Fundraisers’ Journey through BHM Crowdfunding Platform

Open an Account

on the platform after ensuring compliance with all platform requirements (Fundraisers)

Analyze Project

review documents, obtain approvals, and assess qualifications

Present the Project

to a committee consisting of executives, activity managers, risk officers, operations managers, and internal auditors for approval

Showcase the Project

on the platform to potential investors, specifying the required funding amount, for a period of 15 to 30 days


Investors' funds are deposited in an independent bank account, and if the required funding amount or an acceptable percentage is achieved, the funding applicant completes necessary procedures

Legal Compliance

The platform operator ensures compliance with legal requirements and facilitates the transfer of funds within 5 business days upon reaching the required funding amount


Why BHM Capital Crowd?


We believe these are the true decision-making factors to start using our platform and prosper.


You can invest with us little as AED 5,000.00

Reliable Projects

Your success is our success. All offerings are carefully selected.

Cross-border investing

You can invest from anywhere if you’re 18+ years old and meet our criteria.

Rewarding returns

Expected high returns.
Capital is at risk.